BrickCoaster's 2X6 Lift Hill Plate - BC201

$ 4.99

In response to customer feedback and requests, BrickCoaster has designed and developed a new plate element allowing the creation of a working lift hill for our products.  BrickCoaster’s 2X6 Lift Hill Plate is designed to replace the standard 2X4 plate on the bottom of your BrickCoaster Car.  The 2X6 Lift Hill Plate engages with the LEGO® Technic Chain Links allowing the construction of a working lift hill.   

Given the low volume of parts anticipated, the 2X6 Lift Hill Plate is fabricated using state of the art soft tooling prototyping techniques avoiding the high cost of fabricating an injection mold.  The part is made of a high performance thermoset material instead of the injection molded ABS material used in our rail pieces.  While the cosmetic appearance of the Lift Hill Plate is not as high as our injection molded rail parts, the parts are very strong and durable and allow us to offer this plate element at a reasonable cost.   

To make a lift hill, you will need many other elements.  At a minimum you will need LEGO’s® "Link Chain", gears, axles, and a crank or motor.

The 2X6 Lift Hill Plate is MADE IN THE USA

"Patent Applied For"

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this set/or sale.

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