Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the BrickCoaster Cars to roll more reliably?

The BrickCoaster cars can be adjusted and altered to change their performance. The three major changes are adding mini-figures, cleaning the tracks and cleaning/lubricating the wheels. One or two mini-figures can be added to the cars. The mini-figures positions, hair/hat, arm positions etc affect the weight and balance of the BrickCoaster Cars. The higher the center of gravity the BrickCoaster Cars gets, the more likely it will not stay on the tracks. The BrickCoaster Cars may slow down over time.  First try cleaning the tracks, especially the curves. With a clean paper towel, wipe the top and inside surface of the rails. If the car is still slow, the wheels may be dirty and need to be cleaned.  (*IMPORTANT* Keep the wheels on the same axle and in the same location) First try taking off the wheels and blowing on the axles and the hole in the wheel. Run the car a few times to see if that helps. If that doesn't help, then the wheels may need a little lubrication.  Petroleum Jelly works great but you only need an ever so slight amount.  Take the wheels off the axles. Spread some petroleum jelly on a paper towel as thin as you can. Use that paper towel to rub a surface coating on each axle.  Use a clean paper towel to then wipe the axles very clean. It is a fine line between the petroleum jelly lubricating the wheels and slowing them down.  Be sure to wipe the axles very very clean.  Put back on the wheels, assemble the car and run the car a several times to break it in. Please email us, sales@brickcoaster.com, if you need further assistance.


Can I make my own roller coaster?

BrickCoaster sells individual pieces of track for those who want to make their own roller coaster.  We suggest you start out by purchasing the Brick Sleigher Track Only set to get a good idea what the possibilities are for coasters and car designs.  It is also a better deal than buying the tracks and car individually. 


These coaster tracks are fantastic, has LEGO Group contacted you about buying BrickCoaster?

No they have not.


Do you have any patents?

Yes, we have three patents and a fourth has been submitted.


What Size Base Plate does the Brick Flyer fit on?

You can fit the Brick Flyer on one gray 48X48 base plates.  You would need to rotate the two outer most supports by 90 degrees to do this.  It does work without a base plate.


Any thought of doing the track in a color other than white?

Yes, we would like to produce the BrickCoaster tracks in other colors but do not have any immediate plans to do so.