Brick Flyer Track & Car Set (BC505)

$ 29.99

BrickCoaster’s® custom track pieces assemble with LEGO® toy bricks for the construction of one of the most iconic amusement park rides; the roller coaster. This set includes the custom track pieces from BrickCoaster’s® Brick Flyer sets. Combine these custom track pieces with your own LEGO® toy bricks to create the Brick Flyer without the costs of buying the full set. Start by loading your own minifigures into the coaster car on the loading platform. Once all riders are secured, get them started toward the lift hill and roll the car to the very top. Release the car and the thrills as the coaster goes up, down and around the tracks as it makes its way back ready to go again. The Brick Flyer track set includes the 11 custom BrickCoaster® tracks, a Brick Flyer coaster car, stickers, and instructions.

What is included:

  • Features 11 new BrickCoaster® custom tracks that interlock with LEGO® toy bricks.
  • Features Red Coaster Car comprised of LEGO® toy bricks and BrickCoaster's Roller Coaster Wheels (BC202).  Seats up to two minifigures (not included). 
  • Decorative Brick Flyer sticker pack included containing Brick Flyer logo, Coaster Car logo and various signage such as “Do Not Stand Up” and “You Must Be This Tall To Ride.”
  • Fully illustrated color instruction book included showing step by step assembly of the Brick Flyer. 

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this set/or sale.